The desire to do mission work was in me at an early age I just didn't know what it was called nor did I see anyone that I could identify with helping those in need. For the longest time I would tell people I'm going to Africa one day to help the impoverished children like those ones I'd see in those Save the children infomercials as a child but honestly had no clue what that really entailed.

I officially began my journey in foreign missions in 2013. In 2012, the desire to go on a missions trip was literally rupturing inside me until the point where it had to come out. I started doing extensive research on missions and in doing this research i still didn't see anyone I could identify with. In April 2013 I built up the nerve to tell Pastor Woodson about this desire I had "to go". He gave me immediate support and put me in contact with an old friend of his, Pastor Glenn, who's devoted to mission work. By the end of the 30 minute phone call I was set to go on the trip he was taking with his team. In July 2013 I went on my first mission trip to Barahona, Dominican Republic. I had the most humbling experience. The very first night that we worked with the children there I cried on the bus, I cried in the shower, I cried myself to sleep. It's one thing to see people living impoverished on television but to physically see it is mind blowing. Who am I to complain about anything? We ministered to children of Haitian descent living in bateys(remote villages). Thier living conditions were beyond deplorable. I remember one night they had a revivial type gathering and I watched how these people, who are considered to have nothing, smile these genuine smiles as they offered prayers and praises to God. I took note to practice smiling when praying and praising God. I will never forget those 10 days. In 2014 I was accepted on a 10 day Cape Town, South Africa build trip with Habitat for Humanity. Another amazing, humbling experience with God's people and his creation. I helped build 12 houses from the ground up. I physically mixed mortar, put bricks in place, helped put up trusses, lots of phyical labor but it was well worth it. I met people who were put on housing waiting list 30 years ago. They'd go wherever they could to rest their heads at night. Families were split up, just devastating. You'd think they give up on the hope of having a real home but they didn't and were so happy thier prayers were answered. I took note of what real patience and hope is. Again, I was put in rememberance of how small my world back home was. Being a part of that project and being immersed in the culture was awesome. I went to both of these places ready to share God's love through words, prayers, smiles and hugs. I was so ready to make an impact on thier lives and I realized that their worlds made a life chaning, impact in my life. Missions is rewarding in a way that I can't fully explain. It's definitely not a vacation. It's real life kingdom building outside of ones comfort zone.

This summer I will be going on assignment to El Salvador. This is a two month trip, my longest trip so far. I will have the opportunity to work in a leardership role by helping host incoming missions teams, working in the medical clinic, pouring into the lives of the youth and ministering on the streets. This will be quite a stretch for me but I know God is ABLE and I am ready for the tasking.

Iam beyound grateful for this opportunity to travel the world as a representative for Christ. God has shown me how I will be able to educate black people on seeing beyond their world and being a part of missions. I want to provoke something in people to make them want to get more involved with home and foreign missions. One day I'll be leading my family and church family on a mission trip!


Please keep me in your prayers. Pray that God has his way, pray that I keep his assignment at the forefront of my mind for those days when I'm too tired and wondering what I was thinking to travel all this way, pray for my strength, pray that even if I get ejected I continue to smile and not get offended.