Pastor Richard Woodson, Jr is a gift to the body of Christ!

Pastor Woodson's Sayings:

  • When you do it God's way, God will provide the provision. When you do it God's way, God is responsible for the results. Do it God’s way it will work!  
  • We have the favor of God and favor ain't fair! 
  • Faith begins where the Will of God is known!

  We are the people of God, chosen by God, to bring forth praise unto God! To God be the Glory!  The best is yet to come.


Pastor Richard Woodson, claims Montgomery, Alabama as his home of record, although he was born in Frankfurt, Germany and spent most of his early years in Tacoma, Washington. Due to major medical challenges in his early childhood, God has and is still shaping and molding our Pastor’s heart to be sensative to the needs of others and to see things the way God’s Word says they are and to say things the way God sees them.  He operates in the power of the Written Word and he teaches us to do self examination of the spoken word.  

God has blessed him with a wonderful wife, for over twnty-two years, in the person of First Lady Sherry Woodson; and they five blessed children (Richard Bernard, Richard III, Richard Kenny, Lauren Alexis, and Brandon Richard). Pastor and First Lady live the life they preach about.  We believe God has placed them on the earth and here at R.E.O.C. for such a time as this! 

  • Pastor Woodson retired from the United States Army in 1999 after 21 years in the Veterinary Command where he served as a Veterinary Food Inspector.
  • Upon retirement, he returned to college, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Public Management, from Austin Peay State University in 2002.
  • Pastor Woodson worked in Corporate America for the Convergys Corporation as a Training Delivery Manager and as a Manager of Operations.  His love for people was evident as thousands of employees were touched by his ministry on the job. In 2008 Pastor Woodson was led of the Lord to go into full time ministry, and R.E.O.C. grew at an accelerated rate, to God be the glory.
  • Pastor Woodson teaches that work has to be ministry; no one pays you what you are worth, fulfillment comes in knowing that someone was impacted in a positive way, because you were there today. God strategically placed you in a set environment to make a difference “…man would see your good works and give glory to your Heavenly Father.”

A long-time and faithful adjunct to the ministry, Pastor Richard Woodson, Jr. has served the body of Christ since 1979, when he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and surrendered his life, declaring Jesus as Lord.  Fort Gordon Gospel service was his birthing place, where he was fed and taught the unadulterated Word of God. While serving as a senior deacon in Giessen, Germany, Pastor Woodson received his calling into the Gospel Ministry in 1983.  God quickly sent Elder Clarence Williams to be his pastor. Pastor Williams modeled the heart of a servant and that of “A Man of God” teaching, then Minister Woodson how to operate in the things of God. 

Pastor Woodson returned to the States in 1986; God directed his steps to Washington, D.C. Star of Bethlehem Church of God in Christ. Pastor Harvey Lewis, Sr and Mother Glory Lewis were instrumental in shaping his philosophy on husband and wife working in ministry together.  Pastor Lewis, now Bishop Lewis, modeled faith in action. Pastor Woodson grew in the word and in the working of the ministry. In 1989, Pastor Woodson was ordained an Elder in the Church of God in Christ.

He received his first assignment to pastor in 1990, ‘The Walter Reed/ Forest Glenn Gospel Service.’ God had other plans; in 1991 he moved to Fort Knox, KY where he served as a Lay Pastor in the Community Gospel Chapel Service. In 1996, God moved him again, this time it was to Fort Campbell, KY.  He served the Community Chapel Gospel Service in various positions, until the call of God led to him to retire, rather than to go to Korea, be promoted to Sergeant Major and stay in the military another 9 years. Making Jesus Lord of your life, means just that, Jesus directs and orders your footsteps.   

In 2004, Pastor Woodson was led to plant a church in Clarksville, Tennessee. Pastor believes the body of Christ should be empowered in every area of life. He believes in uniting Christians to impact individuals, families, churches and communities for the rebuilding of lives from the inside out. His preaching and teaching focuses on equipping believers spiritually, developing them educationally and strengthening them economically. We  are a Kindom minded people, with a kingdom focus called to do supernatural things.

Pastor Woodson & 1st Lady Sherry were reconnected to Bishop Clearence & Lady Wanda Williams as R.E.O.C. became apart of Living Word Covenant Fellowship. Bishop Williams serves as our spiritual covering as well as Pastor Woodson's Spiritual Father. The church has benefited from this God given connection, growing in wisdom as well as in size. Pastor Woodson serves on the board of officers, assisting Bishop Williams in growing and caring for churches in the covenant.

R.E.O.C. has been blessed under the leadership of Pastor Woodson; lives have been changed, men and women saved, delivered and set free. The church has purchased 7 acers of land in a family rich area. Plans are underway to build a multi purpose building, the first of four buildings, as we increase the call to strengthen the saved to reach the lost.  The best is yet to come.  We thank God for the vision He has given to our Man of God.