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We are in our "90 Days in Pursuit of God" Beginning Tuesday, August 1st through October 29th for 90 days we will be in “Pursuit of God” Corporately. For 90 days, we will recognize the power of prayer and will never hesitate to come daily before God's throne. Expect deliverance, restoration and healing in every aspect of our life. Pick up your guide at the welcome center. Prayer Dail-In at 6am, 6pm and 12 Noon on Wednesdays. Prayer Dail-In # 712.775.7031 Meeting ID# 984.042.819# Unity Prayer Breakfast With the close out of our July “REST” and fellowship month, a delicious breakfast is prepared just for you. Join us on Saturday, August 5th from 9am - 11:30am at the William O. Beach Civic Center, located at 350 Pageant Ln. Please register you and your family at www.eventbrite.com



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